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In the Line of Duty - a Petshop of Horrors drabble

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pet Shop of Horrors and I make no money from this or any other fanfic I write.
Pairing: None
Category: Angst
Rating: PG
Warning: Reference to death
Title: In the Line of Duty
Author: yellowhorde
Notes: This was written for the LiveJournal community, psohdrabble. Challenge #77 – First Line challenge: 100 words beginning with "It had happened again."

It had happened again.

‘It never gets any easier,’ Leon thought, pulling on his dress gloves, tugging at the confining collar. He glanced at Jill and offered a wan smile, small comfort, but the best he could manage.

Police officers had to think fast on their feet. Take action. Sometimes mistakes were made and paid for… sometimes with their lives. Knowing this didn’t make it any easier, didn’t dull the pain.

Leon shrugged into his dress jacket, put on his hat, and held his hand out to Jill.

It was time to pay their last respects to their fellow officer.

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