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Making Fun of Male Pregnancy via Trigun Drabble

Male Pregnancy

“I’m pregnant,” Wolfwood said flatly.

“Basically,” Vash said, looking at the computer screen before him.


“Aliens,” Vash said finally.

“Is that your excuse?” Wolfwood snapped, “Look at me. I’m growing fatter and fatter, eating and going to the bathroom all the time.”

“Well,” Vash said evenly, “If you hadn’t look through the telescope at night none of this would have happen.”

“So this is all my fault.” Wolfwood snapped and stormed off.

Vash sighed and went back to playing the Sims 2. “Don’t see why he has to get so pissy. Just his Sim that is the pregnant one.”

(Author’s Notes: In the Sims 2, there is a telescope for the Sims to look through. If an adult Sim looks through the telescope between the hours of 7pm and 2am there is a small chance that they will be abducted by aliens. They are returned three hours later. The male Sims always come back pregnant.)
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