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Three's A Crowd (Drabble, yaoi, het, squick)


Warnings for implied semi-consensual twincest and polyandry, with one of the sickest triangles to squick Trigun fandom. Nothing too graphic, but don't say you weren't warned.

<lj-cut text="Cut for obvious reasons">


Usually, the sleeping arrangements were different. Knives slept snuggled with Vash, and she was left lying on the outside of the brothers' embrace, in the bed she shared with them. That was the picture of their whole relationship, especially their intimacy, in her mind.

This night had been different.

Now, after everything, she snuggled into Vash's embrace, trying not to seethe as Knives took her usual place, snuggling against his brother's back, protectively wrapping his arms around his twin's waist.

"It's the only way he won't kill," the golden-haired twin whispered. "I'm sorry. Though he's on the outside now."


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