Two Pounds of English Toffee (fadingembers) wrote in under_1000,
Two Pounds of English Toffee

"She was a friend of Death." (You can go in MANY different directions with this line. Fantasy, action-thriller, mystery... I just dare someone to make fluffy romance out of it. @_@ ).

Till Death Do Us Part

Her mother said it would never work out for them. Felicia was just too full of life, and he would drag her down.

Her father didn’t approve. Felicia didn’t care; he had always been a bit racist, and she had expected resistance from him.

Her younger brothers teased her and called her new boyfriend “gross.” She did what she had always done for 25 years - ignored them.

Her best friend Emily seemed to understand just the slightest bit. Emily had been in a relationship for a few years with a man that everyone said wouldn’t work. Of course, the relationship didn’t work out, so while Emily understood, she also told Felicia to not give her heart away too quickly.

Felicia just told her it was too late. She had always been a friend of Death, but once they were both single and she really got to know him, it was a done deal. Late nights on the phone, milkshakes shared in the park, and long dinners over candlelight had made them remember how to love. People might point and stare, but as long as she had his cold bony hands in hers, she didn’t give a damn.

Her only concern was that he seemed to be tied to his job, but maybe time would fix that. She could show him there was a world away from work, and let him relax and have a good time. They would be happy, or she would die trying.

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