Sylv (sylv_) wrote in under_1000,

Terror at 156 Words

A short peice that, while technically original, you'd probably have to read fan-fic to get.

But we've all read fic here, right? ;)

The dread lord raised his whip and the battered figure in the middle of the chamber wearily shifted into a final battle stance.

“But before I utterly destroy you,” the villain sneered, “Pitiful as you are, I would know your true name.” He waved a hand, which flashed briefly. Something softly whispered ‘compulsion’.

The girl breathed out. “My name? My name…is…” she seemed to be struggling to stop the last syllable from escaping her throat.

The villain laughed. “Don’t fight it child! You won’t live long enough to regret it after all. Your name…”

“My name…” the girl’s shoulder’s tensed. “My name is…”

The man in armor sneered. “Yes?”


The silence was broken by a whip falling to the ground.

The girl looked up. Her eyes glinted as she pulled a glowing sword out of what anyone would have sworn was merely thin air and shadows.

“My name is Mary fucking Sue.”

The villain screamed.
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