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Bedtime Stories (Trigun)(Drabbles)

Bedtime Stories

Page One

The two twins laid side by side, looking up at Rem who stood in front of a bookcase. “What will it be tonight?” she asked like she did every night.

“Stephen King!”

“Dr. Seuss!”

The twins stared at each other for a minute. The squabbling began.

“But I want to get to sleep with out nightmares,” Vash whined.

Knives snorted. “If I hear ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ again...”

Rem sighed, “I can read you two the complete stories of Brothers Grimm.”

“Will you use voices?” Vash asked.

Not bloody enough, too bloody. Still a wonderful evening.


Page Two

The walls are splattered liberally with blood and gore. The sixteen year old teenager with blue hair wouldn’t have done it if she had simply decided to read him a bedtime story. Legato knew that she would have read simply to his young sister Aria.

Aria had to go for taking away his stories. He used his budding powers to twist her head off.

His mother sat in the chair holding the book in blood covered hands. “Will you read me a story, Mother?” he asked quietly.

She whimpered, her hands ripping at the precious paper.

So he killed her.


Page Three


“What?” the Priest snapped, glaring at the outlaw.

“Read me a bedtime story?”

Wolfwood stared at the plant with narrowed eyes. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Vash shook his head. “And what I am supposed to do for a bedtime story?”

“Improvise,” Vash said with a smile.

In his bag was a February Edition of Playboy. Wolfwood opened it to a dog-eared page. “Okay, here we go, Miss February. She has a 35 D cup and enjoys jogging in place.”

Vash sighed happily. “Sure wish I could see that,” he mused aloud, looking.

“Me too, Tongari,” Wolfwood said.


Page Four

Midvalley hated situations like this. Despite the fact that his boss was in footy pajamas and eating cookies and drinking milk, he was still a cruel, cruel man. “Read me a story,” Legato demanded, holding a book out for the musician to read.

“The Cat in the Hat?” he asked, holding the book in question up.

“Yes,” Legato said.

Funny, he didn’t consider Legato as the type as liking a children’s book. So he read the book to Legato. He closed the book and looked up at the Telepath.

“I’m going to kill a village now.”


“Didn’t use voices.”

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