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Lazy Daisy

Knives x Legato yaoi: "Love and Hate In Effigy"

Knives x Legato drabble. I bet it's awful. Nevertheless, I wanted to get back into writing my OTP. Belated birthday present for raecee.


Eyes the color of pure ice met eyes reminiscent of tainted gold. "You love me, slave."

Legato quietly replied. "More than anything in this valueless world, Master."

Knives grabbed Legato's wrists. "Filthy human. Why do you love a higher being such as I?"

The telepath fought back, to play into the other man's fantasy. "You are an Angel, Master."

The Plant's glare softened to a longing look. "You're my brother, my only love. Kiss me, stroke me with your hand, Vash."

Thoughts of love in effigy ran through one mind, thoughts of hatred of being the effigy through the other.

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