The Bitter One (lilithisbitter) wrote in under_1000,
The Bitter One

The Pointless Silliest Trigun AU Ever in Drabble Form

Queer Vash for the Straight Priest

“Are you Vash the Stampede?” I asked.

“Dah-ling,” he trilled, “You are simply fabulous. Those cute little ankle boots with those tights, and that cape.”

He promptly gave me two air kisses. Funny, when I heard about the humanoid typhoon, I thought he would be… different. “Um, I’m Meryl Stryfe,” I said, “And this is Millie Thompson.”

Vash looked at my partner in her men’s clothing. “Oh you poor dear,” he said, giving her a hug, his perfect hair and nails gleaming, “I’ll give you a makeover. I just need to makeover this Wolfwood guy.”

“Send help,” the priest mouthed.
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