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Incredibles Fic: The Other Side Of The Suicide

Fandom: Incredibles
Rating: PG
Author: Ms. Kinnikufan
Length: About 590 words/
Character(s): Oliver Sansweet

The Other Side of The Suicide
By Ms. Kinnikufan
Disclaimer: Pixar owns everyone.

Why are people suddenly placing the whole blame on me for the loss of the supers?
I wasn’t the only one who filed a lawsuit. Maybe I was the one who started it, but I didn’t tell the others to follow.
I just wanted to die. That was my decision. No one else’s. A suicide is not the same as a insane super-villian harming those who still want to cling to a pointless life.
I hated Mr. Incredible for ruining my death. It wasn’t his business. It wasn’t like I was going to land on anyone. I was very careful about that. The authorities had ordered everyone to stand back and for al the people to remain inside.
I wasn’t doing it on impulse or in a fit of mania. I had carefully thought it over: I wanted to die. I was going to die anyway. I had cancer in my stomach. I couldn’t afford to get it treated. My family definitely couldn’t afford it, so I didn’t tell them about it.
Better to die.
What I laughingly call my life got even worse when Mr. Incredible saved me. I had to be hospitalized again, thus draining my parents out of more money that they couldn’t afford. Plus my neck was in constant pain. Life had even gotten worse.
Please understand, when I sued, I didn’t hate all the supers. I had no anger at StratogaleThe Thrilling Three or any other super team or super individual.
Just Mr. Incredible.
It originally wasn’t my idea to sue.
A lawyer approached me. His name was Tom Pine. A lawyer looking for the case to make him famous. He suggested something unprecedented: sue a super for a rescue.
I didn’t go along at first. It sounded stupid at first, who the hell had ever heard of someone suing their “rescuer”?
But then my family’s financial situation was getting worse and worse. My family found out about my stomach cancer and insisted that it get treated. They were being sucked deeper and deeper into debut.
It looked like I had nothing to lose. So I fished out Tom Pine’s cards out from under a pile of bills and I gave him a call.
To my surprise, we won! We had actually won! I never expected that.
We had enough money to pay off the Tom’s bills, medical bills, as well as send all my 2 younger siblings and older sister’s kids to college. Plus my stomach cancer went into remission. Things were looking up.
Then things went back down.
Many lawsuits followed my own: the l-train lawsuit, the Dynaman lawsuit, and many other lawsuits that I can’t name followed.
Soon there was a ban on supers. The adults seemed fine with this, but kids sure weren’t. My siblings, nieces and nephews were bullied on and off the school ground. My niece Trina’s leg was even broken.
The majority that supported the ban was very loud and vocal, but so was the minority that was against it: my family’s house got several bricks thrown thrown their windows, and was repeatedly vandalized.
The worse was when someone threw a molotov cocktail at our family reunion.
As the paramedics took away my little cousin,she looked me squarely in the in eyes and raggedly gasped: “I hate you Oliver. I wish you had died”
At that point, so had I.
This time, there is no one to stop me. There are no supers in this dingy motel room.
One loud blam and it’s all over.
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