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under_1000's Journal

Short Fiction Warehouse
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This is a community for the writing, reading, and general sharing of short-short stories ranging from 100 - 1000 words.

Both original work and fanfiction are welcome. People may go ahead and post a random drabble (100 word story), or up to a 1000 word story at random. Requests are allowed. If you have a specific person you wish to write something for you, please specify the specific fandom (or orignal) that you want them to write for you. No one is obligated to write your request if they do not wish to, or are unfamiliar with the requested fandom. General requests "for anyone to write" are also allowed (and should be quite fun, as you may get several people taking your idea in many differing directions).


1. No flaming, trolling, or use of explicit language. Explicit language is allowed in the stories themselves, if there is a reason in the story for it. However, I, the Administrator, lushdesolation, will not tolerate it in comments.

2. Try to stay ON TOPIC. I do not like "fangirling" (i.e. going on and on about how CUUUUUUTE you think a particular character is, or about how much you "Wuv" a certain pairing, or excessive perverted comments about pairings which have nothing to do with the story itself/giving the author feedback). I personally find it very annoying, and I'm the dictator here. If I see excessive off-topicness, I will hit you with Ye Old Get-Back-On-Topic Stick.

3. Stories up to an R rating are allowed here, but any stories that are PG-13 or above must be given an lj cut and a warning in the post.

4. Any piece longer than 100 words - please lj cut.

5. Mild "advertising" is allowed - letting people know about other LJ communities, message boards, or personal websites - as long as you do not do it too often. Absolutely NO linking to porn sites, gambling sites, or any site whereby you are trying to sell something.

6. No direct-linking to artwork or photographs. Also, keep it ON TOPIC. If you have an illustration for your story, it is okay to link to it offsite, but NO DIRECT IMAGE LINKING. Warn if picture is somewhat explicit. ABSOLUTELY NO LINKING TO PORN OR HENTAI.

7. Slash and yaoi are allowed, if not explicit. (Under NC-17, just like het). Just no "fangirling" it up in the comments, as stated in rule No. 2. Stay on topic about the story itself and giving the author feedback.

8. Write and post things that are coherent. No posting in "L33T" or in "Netspeak." This goes for general posts and comments as well as for stories.

9. No "Mary Sues" (i.e. "original character" versions of yourself that are impossibly perfect or impossibly angsty, get a canon fandom character as a love interest - generally overshadows the canon characters in a fandom, ect.). Original characters are alright to use in fanfiction stories so long as they do not fall into the "Mary Sue" trap. Original-world stories, of course, require original characters. ^_^.

10. I, lushdesolation am the dictator here. Whatever I say goes. I will do my best to be fair and equitable, but, in the end, this is NOT a democracy. If I ask for something to stop, it stops. What I say goes. End of story.